High-Tech Fingerprint Activated Padlock


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Use your fingerprint to lock or unlock this sturdy High-Tech Fingerprint Activated Smart Padlock. It takes 0.1 seconds to unlock, recharges via USB cable, and can store up to 10 fingerprints.

✅ Easy to operate. Hold finger to fingerprint reader to lock or unlock.
✅ Easy to use. Follow user manual instructions to add or delete fingerprints.
✅ Allow your family access. Programs up to 10 fingerprints and you can share administration rights with one other person.
✅ 360° arbitrary-angle, biometric-recognition fingerprint reader unlocks padlock within 0.1 seconds.
✅ Low power consumption and long standby time. The 3.4V lithium battery lasts for 6-12 months after charging fully via USB cable, depending on temperature and how often you use it.
✅ When the battery is out of power in an emergency, simply use your mobile to supply power via USB.
✅ The low battery power alert function will remind you to recharge the battery when the power is low.
✅ Made of strong zinc alloy that can withstand temperatures from -10°C / 14°F to 40°C / 104°F.
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Size: 46 mm / 1.8" x 40 mm / 1.5" x 16 mm / 0.6"

Available colors: black and silver

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