High Visibility LED Dog Safety Collar


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Worried for your dog's safety after dark? You no longer have to with our reflective High Visibility LED Dog Safety Collar which glows in the dark.

Now you can enjoy that early morning or late evening walk with your canine companion safe in the knowledge they are visible to pedestrians and drivers from afar.

The High Visibility LED Dog Safety Collar has three switch-controlled fiber-optic glow modes - long light mode, slow flash mode, and fast flash mode.

Activate the slow flash mode or fast flash mode when walking your dog in urban areas on overcast or foggy days or during dusk and dawn to grab the attention of oncoming motorists in low light conditions. Flash mode also preserves battery life, so it's a great way to save energy on lengthy early morning or early evening outings.

The safest mode to use when walking your dog at night is the long light mode, especially in areas where street lights are limited. This mode is also recommended when walking your dog in rural areas at night. The constant glow from the long light mode will alert motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to your dog's presence.

The comfortable, fully adjustable High Visibility LED Dog Safety Collar is user-friendly. The side-release buckle makes it easy to fit and remove without hassle or fuss while the D-ring loop allows you to attach your favorite leash before heading out on your walk.

Cleaning the nylon High Visibility LED Dog Safety Collar is also fuss-free. Simply remove all electronics before washing. To hand-wash, fill a washbasin or a bowl with warm water and all-purpose dishwashing detergent. Place the collar in the soapy water and allow it to soak for five to ten minutes. Rinse to remove suds and lay the collar out flat to air dry. Use cold water and a gentle cycle to machine wash with an all-purpose machine wash detergent. Allow to air dry on on a flat surface.

Other product features:
✅ Visible up to 0.5 miles.
✅ Made from soft and durable nylon.
✅ Waterproof.
✅ Powered by readily available CR2016 lithium batteries.
✅ Two batteries included in the purchase.
✅ Battery life of 60 - 80 hours.
✅ Suitable for smaller breeds.
✅ Available in various sizes.

Available Colors: green, black, orange, pink, red, yellow, blue

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