Strong Double-Sided Adhesive Nano Tape

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No more excuses. Our versatile Strong Double-Sided Adhesive Nano Tape will have your home decor projects done in a jiffy.

That framed photo you've been meaning to hang on the wall for ages but never seem to get around to? Attach it to the living room wall with our nano tape. No drilling. No damage to surfaces.

And if you decide you want to move it your bedroom instead, that's no problem either. The nano tape is easy to remove, leaves no trace, and is reusable up to 500 times.

✅ Non-toxic, double-sided nano PU gel is removable, reusable, and leaves no trace.
✅ Great for home improvement projects such as hanging picture frames or key ring holders on walls, fixing rugs to floors or tiles, and stabilizing the legs of coffee tables.
✅ Can be reused up to 500 times. Remove, rinse, allow to dry, and reapply.
✅ Easy to use. Simply cut to size and apply.

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